Helping a Major Energy Company Undergo Digital Transformation As They Switch From Paper Based To a Digitized Visitor Management


Our client is a global oil and natural gas organization and was looking for a solution that will simplify their visitor management and make it more secure as well as easy to analyze, in contrast to the conventional paper-based detail recording methodology. we helped client automate their visitor management system and synced it with SharePoint infrastructure to analyze the visitor flow. This automated system also helped improve efficiency as well as security factor and has been running successfully for 5 years.


Our client was deploying the conventional paper-based system to record visitors in a typical day. However, this conventional paper-based Visitor and Contractor management system posed the following issues: Kept the high-profile visitors waiting. Mismanagement of frequent visitors like long-term contractors and vendors. Lack of transparency and analysis of the frequency of visits and duration by different visitors. In-office employees were disrupted from their schedules regularly and were not informed beforehand via email. A considerable amount of time was expended in keying in the employees who forgot to bring their id cards. our client was looking for a solution that would reduce their dependency on paper for certain operations and turned to automating their administration and security operations for their offices across India. Moreover, the solution had to be mobile based - where mobile apps would work for the employees and the iPad Kiosk would be reserved for the visitors to check in and enter their details.


The solution was created keeping in mind the high visitor volume and its ability to integrate it with their existing infrastructure and SharePoint that was proactive along all the offices across the country. The implementation of the solution was as follows: Registration: Employees were requested to register their visitors and department heads had to register their long-term contractors. Employee Log In: Employees with forgotten ID cards logged in within the application. Thanks to SharePoint, this information was then processed into workflow approvals within the organization post. Automated Visitors Management: With the help of Google Firebase and iPad Kiosk, Visitors and Contractors could now register themselves with a photograph for scheduled visit & also receive a Digital Visitor Pass via email. SharePoint: Their existing multi-organization identity management system platform (Active Directory Forest) was connected with SharePoint 2007 to host their visitor management platform. SAP Integration: Customer uses SAP to manage employee attendance which is integrated with their access management system. Given employees forget the cards they are given a temporary card and their attendance is registered in SAP.