XL Feet

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The team is so smart and has great ideas. Setting up marketing automation, data tracking and technology has boosted my revenue dramatically. I feel like they understand me and how to solve the problems I am having with my business easily. I feel liberated and have more time to work on my business rather than for the business.
Adrian Coulter



XL Feet provides expertise to and fits adults with wide and long feet. Adrian Coulter, XL Feet's founder has grown the business by catering to this niche. The phones are ringing, customers are ordering products online, and people travel from around the country to visit XL Feet's store. However, prolonged eCommerce projects, a missing integrated UPC/POS/Inventory system, cohesive marketing, and the staff to support the growing operations prevented the business from scaling sustainably. Growth caused Adrian to be caught in the day-to-day operations and putting out any "fires" that come up and had left him feeling overworked. Fears started to arise around being able to adequately service the needs of his customers. What was missing from how he was existing in his business was predictable outcomes, freedom, and autonomy.


When we started working with XL Feet, we mutually identified the following overarching challenges his business was facing: No documented process for picking and shipping internally, all of it was done by Adrian himself. Undefined marketing strategy with unclear ROI from efforts. Disjointed systems for marketing, sales and service operations.


We developed and executed on the following solution for XL Feet's challenges: Mapped out key processes and created documentation for Adrian to delegate work. Developed a cohesive marketing strategy and implemented digital marketing tactics to maximize business growth. Curated a growth stack of tools for handling return and warranty requests, collecting product reviews and strategic workflows.