Ensure Great UX Solving Sales And Legal For Australias Largest Telecommunication Company


Within an Australian telecommunications company there was a difficulty by the sales team in compliance with local government agencies with their different products, which led to regional sales teams often pitching products that were non-compliant with specific countries' regulations . However with our company it was able create a customised sales system integrated to the legal department to ensure that sales of particular products at government level was easily referenceable with relevant government regulations


Faced with the challenge of creating a global sales and compliance system using Sharepoint within the organisation. With so many different regions with different regulatory needs and product fit, it was difficult for sales agents to ensure that the product they were thinking of pitching fit the regulatory environment within the 20 over countries. Further to this the regulatory environment would keep shifting for all the different telecommunication products which would present a problem for legal to update their sales teams as they negotiated multi million and sometimes billion dollar contracts.


To use our capabilities in Application Development using Sharepoint. We pulled data from internal systems and used data analytics techniques to sift through legal team documents and sort the products effectively. It was then able to create a legal matrix and show relevant data for decision making. Through this we were able to reduce sales cycles and the legal team’s involvement in day to day operations.

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